A.J. Clothiers

custom made clothing for 1/6 scale action figures

                             A.J. Clothiers

Welcome to my dress shop! I sew custom handmade clothing for 1/6 scale action figures. I sew mostly for the female figures like Cy girl, perfect body, BBI, Dragon, Otaku and Marx Jane West. I do sew a little for the male figures Dragon, BBi, G.I. Joe, Marx Johnny West and Knights. I all so make 1/6 scale tack as well as other scales of tack. Like Breyers model horses. Please browse around and see what's available in the store. I do take custom orders.  

      My custom sewing list is closed at this time.


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Some people are having trouble with the check out process. Please email me with your order if that happens to you. I can send you a PayPal invoice for your order.

                                     HATS HATS HATS!!!!

Just finished a bunch of hats. Some of the basic hats were made by Big Bill. Others are felt covered plastic. All of them I customized. every one is OOAK! Each one listed in the store. Please note, I am guessing on over seas shipping. Yours might be higher, but if it is, I will email you with a price. That way you can decide if you still want it.

             Photo of the month: Walks in cold wind owned by Buddy!


Raven Cowgirl on HOLD

Gun rig by Ed

Zulu warrior made for Jerome

 James west outfit and horse tack made for Jerome





          Black saddle set for DiD, power team, Mr. Z Hanoverian etc. horses


                                               Raven and Rufus















                        Horses by Luis of Nohuanda Equine Art

I have added some photos of my own horses by Luis to the photo section.

Please check out all of Luis's beautiful horses on his Flickr pages http://www.flickr.com/photos/nohuanda

                                         Luis horses and figures owned by John C.