A.J. Clothiers

1/6 scale clothing custom made for action figures

                             A.J. Clothiers

Welcome to my dress shop! I sew custom handmade clothing for 1/6 scale action figures. I sew mostly for the female figures like Cy girl, perfect body, BBI, Dragon, Otaku and Marx Jane West. I do sew a little for the male figures Dragon, BBi, G.I. Joe, Marx Johnny West and Knights. I all so make 1/6 scale tack as well as other scales of tack. Like Breyers model horses. Please browse around and see what's available in the store. I do take custom orders.  

      My wait list is about 2 months right now.

So I have closed my list at this time.

The costs to ship outside the U.S. has risen so high, I can not offer overseas sales items thru my store. I will only ship to some overseas locations for custom orders only, when shipping costs are  prearranged.

 I do  NOT sew uniforms or super hero type outfits of any kind.

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Some items are made when you order them. The listing description will state if that's the case.

Some items are OOAK (one of a kind)The listing description will state if that's the case.

Some people are having trouble with the check out process. Please email me with your order if that happens to you. I can send you a PayPal invoice for your order.

                         Lone Ranger  Silver saddle set  


            "dragon skin"






                Natural saddle set # 5


                     new Native American masked horse set

Saddle is leather wrapped on a rawhide frame

                              Good stuff made by Ed!

My friend Ed makes all kinds of good stuff for sale. Contact Ed to buy or have custom items made: intents2002@yahoo.com

Ed makes a great Lone Ranger gun rig too!





                        Horses by Luis of Nohuanda Equine Art

 have added some photos of my own horses by Luis to the photo section.

Please check out all of Luis's beautiful horses on his Flickr pages http://www.flickr.com/photos/nohuanda

Luis makes, cows, bulls, and longhorn too.